Doe Deere Uses Lime Crime To Start Her Beauty Routine Daily

When it comes to looking good, most people have a routine that they follow closely every morning and evening. One of those people who knows the art of morning beauty is Doe Deere. The founder for Lime Crime starts her day every morning in the same way. Doe wakes every morning at the same time without the use of her alarm. She makes sure to get 9 hours of sleep each night and swears by that number- at least for herself that is. Waking up every morning without an alarm clock helps to keep her schedule flowing. By drinking a glass full of water each morning, you are ensuring that you are keeping well hydrated. Using stretches is important for keeping yourself in balance and in shape. If you suffer from back problems or need to have a stretch that helps to release tightened areas in your back, the cat and camel pose is what she uses to get loose. After stretching, breakfast is important. Staying on top of your business is vital for keeping a business running smoothly. Doe Deere knows this and uses a company chat internal program to keep in touch with her workers before arriving at the office each morning. Using Instagram is also another favorite by Doe Deere. Keeping up with current trends is how Lime Crime keeps at the top of its game. You have to be able to create new ideas and come up with new products and staying free from social media, emails and digital products before the afternoon is how Doe Deere is able to keep her business booming. While applying her morning makeup during her beauty routine, Doe makes sure to jam to her favorite music choices. Staying true to how she was raised, Doe takes pride in jamming to the Beatles while getting ready every morning. The Glossier face wash is the number one item that Doe Deere uses to keep looking fresh every day. The wash is very mild for the skin and is scented to roses. Starting the day with a moisturizer is going to make sure that your face does not dry out. The Murad Hydrodynamic essence is her go to moisturizer. Using the L’Oreal True Match Foundation is what Doe Deere uses to apply a base to her makeup. Doe Deere is currently working on her own foundation line which she hopes to release soon. Before she goes any further on her beauty routine, Doe starts by applying a powder finish to her face before she goes on to fill in her eyebrows. Next she moves on to her lips and cheeks. She is quoted as saying that blush and lipstick are the most favorite makeup choices she uses daily. By using a red or pink colored blush, she can then add a bold pink or red lip. When asked what are her favorite choices by Lime Crime, Doe Deere tells the Red Velvet, Rustic and Pink Velvet are the ones that she enjoys the best. She tells everyone that her makeup beauty routine takes 15 minutes up to an hour depending on if she wants to rush through it in the morning or if she has time to get ready. Follow Doe Deere on Facebook.