Organo Gold: A History of Coffee

In a 2017 report by the National Coffee Association, it show that world-wide production from 2009 to 2010 reached 125.2 million bags. This has made coffee, the second most consumed beverage in the world right behind water. We are now in a world where coffee graces the shelves of grocery stores, small cafes, sold in mall kiosks, are on exhibit in all markets and found on every community retail corner. Visit to know more.

One company has taken things by storm is the Organo Gold, a Canadian business. They’ve read the facts and capitalized on them. The company has positioned itself as a multilevel marketing outfit to individual sellers who promote their products to the world. The idea came from Bernardo Chua who is a veteran with the network marketing industry. He founded the company in 2008 and the rest is history. Chua runs the company along with Shane Morand, the supervisor for their direct selling platform. The business uses an impressive approach by using a Scientific Advisory Board.


Organo Gold also has a chief medical consultant, Dr. Irma Prado. You will not find their coffees at your normal coffeehouses or inside retail stores. That’s the overall structure of the company. Organo Gold company is designed for distributors to promote and resale all products to a larger base around the world. Distributors purchase all products from Organo Gold’s wholesale division. Each distributor can make up to at least 50 percent commission on all sales. The multi-level marketing concept keeps distributors busy selling Organo Gold on a daily basis. The “domino effect ” the system the company has created, allows everyone from sales teams, distributors and Organo to reap the profits. The owner offers coffee beans that are a mixture of gourmet with a tasteful mushroom known as ganoderma. Over the years, this has been produced into an Asian traditional herb. View Organo Gold’s profile on

Alex Pall Of The Music Group The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have risen to pop music success with hit songs like Closer, Roses and Don’t Let Me Down. The singing group made of two very talented individuals have landed collaborations with some of music’s biggest talents. Radios everywhere can be heard boasting their feel good tunes.

The Chainsmokers a unique in their process of creating songs. Frequently, artists rely on songwriters and other music professionals to create their songs. This duo take a more personal path to creating every element that goes into the beat and lyrics of their music. Personalizing dance music is their passion and has always been what they have strived to create for today’s music scene. They wanted to become known for their music having feelings and a heart. The musical group has certainly achieved this. They bring an element of intimacy to the music scene that is often shielded a lack of empathy and feeling. They have worked extremely hard to craft a unique identity.

Alex Pall has always been a dj. He grew up with a hobby and interest in wanting to be a dj. His career started off small in New York City. But at that time djing was mainly his side gig but this was a very passionate side gig. It got tricky for the budding artists doing something that seemed like fun when he needed that fun passion to turn into a job he could survive off of. He ended up working at an art gallery but dance music still tugged at his heart. He decided to give music another shot. He began working with a person to pursue his music that ended up becoming The Chainsmokers current manager today. That was how Alex got introduced to Drew. Once Alex and Drew met and got to know each other, they began working immediately,

After a period of time, Alex and Drew became The Chainsmokers. Their small dreams of making dance music with meaning began to fill the radio airways. Today, they make classic hits, perform on aware shows and work with a host of other artists to create music.