Shaquille O’Neal Partners With Boraie Development

Boraie Development is one of the most sought developers in New Jersey due to their expertise in the sector for over three decades. They undertake improvements on a seasonal basis on their real estate ventures. Their sales and marketing department work hand in hand with the property management team to understand factors leading to the development and installing knowledge to the public.

The Aspire, New Brunswick contains more than 200 residential apartments that have personal storage and indoor storage spaces. It is located a few metres from the New Brunswick Train Station and is adjacent to the Children’s Cancer Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. Amenities such as parking space, yoga centre, a club for resting and playing, and 24/7 security personnel.

The former NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal partnered with Boraie Development to build in Newark. He grew up here and his parents did everything to keep him off the streets. They took him to the movie theatre and the local Boys and Girls Club. This partnership came as a result of restoring an old theatre where he used to go in the 1970s which cost approximately 7 million dollars.

This was not the only project the two parties were involved in. They worked in bringing development in New Jersey by building houses in remote and congested areas. Boraie has built more than one million square feet in New Jersey especially in New Brunswick. The star’s power attracted a lot of attention to the public which facilitated in the construction of the first housing tower in the state.


The managing director and rightful owner of Watford football club Gino Pozzo was born to Giampaolo Pozzo an Italian national. Gino Pozzo acquired the club from Laurence Bassini in 2012. Being a resident of Watford, he could not stand the shame; therefore he committed himself towards the success of the club which was highly indebted.

From his excellent reputation and love for soccer investments, Gino has been considered to be among the best forward thinkers in England as far as the management of Watford is concerned. Ginno is confident over the growth and success of Watford Football club. The great potential of English soccer is one of the driving forces towards Gino’s confidence and passion for Watford F.C glory and growth. He is invested entirely to the club including several reshuffling of the coaches to ensure that the club does well to impress the fans and earn a better position in the England Soccer as well.

Watford F.C under Gino Pozzo’s management rose from Division Four to the Premiere league in Four years which was a great achievement and relief to the club and fans. The decision of getting young players and retaining head coaches to the end of the campaign is one secret that has helped Watford FC gain popularity and some sense of respect in the Premier League.

The 2019 Talksports rankings, ranked Gino Pozzo 4th as the best club owner in the world. Javi Gracia, the head coach has been of great impact towards the success of the club and has led it to stand firm in spite of the stiff competition in the premiere league. This has pleased the fans who have congratulated the squad and ranked it the best in the history of the club. Watford is gaining great popularity in the soccer world