The Career and Successful Story of Jana Messerschmidt in the Engineering World

Coding is a crucial concept for every operator. Whoever engages in duties outside the engineering field is hardly conversant with the importance of coding and the interest associating with working with them especially in the case of the Silicon tech firm. But not a thing remains fair with regards to Jana Messerschmidt known as Jana Lightspeed.

Her work with Lightspeed started after a long time of advice and investment with regards to the initial phases of the firm. That adds up to his different duties in different fields including engineering, business development, sales, and marketing with the big profile firms such as Twitter and Netflix. It paved the way to the fame she gained fame under the name Jana Lightspeed.

She is a graduate of computer science from Illinois University. She often involved herself in line with the business aspect of technology. As the vice president of Twitter on Global Business platform and Development, Jana dealt with strategic partnerships, enterprise sales, developer relations, and platform marketing. Before serving at Twitter, she worked with Netflix as a director of Business Development.

The #ANGELS came into place in 2015 with Jana Lightspeed as the co-founder. It is unique, comprehensive, and has a clear definition of its mission in line with getting more women in bridging the space set linked to prosperous startups. It is from that moment that she got the company of visionary and hopeful founders executing bold ideas across such industries as BIRD, EERO, WINNIE, COLOR, CAMEO, and CAMEO.

In addition to being wise, Jana has other duties outside investment because she is passionate about holding events and conversations connected to the common objective of community building, diversification of networks, and the engagement and promotion of women. It is essential to create wealth, and the underrepresented women and minorities contribute to wealth creation alongside reputable organisations.


Meet Steve Lesnard, a Celebrated Global Brand Leader and Consultant

Steve Lesnard is a well-established global brand leader and consultant. He is one of the most popular enthusiasts of digital marketing through social mediums. As a consultant, Steve has dramatically influenced how companies launch new products in the market. He believes that digital and social mediums are the most productive ways to promote products in the global market.

For over two decades, Steve has been actively involved and led first-class worldwide marketing campaigns, launched leading brands, and established notable strategic business partnerships across the globe.

Throughout his career, the renowned brand consultant has worked in a variety of industries. Most notably, he has commercially launched and popularized leading products across sports, lifestyle, and technology products for leading global manufacturers. As a sports enthusiast, Steve Lesnard has had an impressive career as a brand executive, especially in the field of athletics.

Steve Lesnard began his career in 1997, after graduating from Babson College with a Masters of Business and Entrepreneurship. Immediately after college, he secured employment with Nike, a leading sports gear manufacturer in the world. At first, he worked as the company’s Global Sports Marketing and Footwear Project Manager. His first primary task involved signing and servicing the snowboard teams in the United States and Canada during the Winter Olympics of 1998. He is remembered for signing the first two athletes to win gold medals in snowboarding.

Later on, he was appointed as the Nike’s Global Sports Marketing & Footwear Product Manager-Outdoor Games. He also acted as the Regional Brand Manager for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Steve was also in charge of Women and Cross, where he is remembered for rejuvenating the women’s retail sports experience. Partnering with like-minded celebrities like Madonna, Rihanna, and Jamie King, Steve Lesnard inspired many women to engage in sports.

In his final years at Nike, Steve Lesnard served as the company’s Vice President Brand Management for Western Europe Running Division, and then the Vice President and General Manager in North America Running Division. He transformed the brand’s Running Division into one of the most robust divisions of the company. During his tenure, he pioneered the mobile-first strategy and established partnerships with Apple. He found a robust online community for Nike with more than 7 million members.

Entrepreneur Robert Deignan Explains Why People Need To Take Control Of Their Technology Habits

Entrepreneur Robert Deignan is one of the co-founders of ATS Digital Services. He co-founded this company in August 2011 and has served in the position of chief executive officer ever since. His company is a digital software service provider that helps people deal with problems such as a bad network connection or slow computers.

He is a graduate of Purdue University and has a bachelor of science degree in business management. He co-founded his first company, Fanlink Inc., in July 1998. Since that time he also worked for iS3 for nine years where he was the executive vice president.

Robert Deignan recently shared information about how and why people should create a healthier relationship with the technology they use practically every day. He says that technology has transformed companies and households in ways that could never have been imagined twenty years ago.

He says that even ATS Digital Services has been transformed by technology over the years since it was established. They now have much more sophisticated remote troubleshooting abilities than they did nine years ago and work with a much broader range of devices. They also use technology to improve the experience people have accessing and working with their customer support team.

There are downsides to technology, though, as Robert Deignan points out. People stare at square screens entirely too much including their computer screens and mobile devices. Too much of this is very unhealthy.

Robert Deignan says that using more than one screen at a time is too much of a distraction. People think they can multitask but everybody would be much better off focusing on just one screen and task at a time. workers shifted their attention to something different every three minutes back in 2004 and now that is down to 59.5 seconds.

He says that technology, for the most part, has been designed to be addicting. App developers, advertisers, and media sites want people to be actively engaged with their content as much as possible. He says that people need to take control of this relationship with technology and limit the amount of time they interact with their devices each day to something reasonable.

Mathew Fleeger Uses Team Building Techniques to Build a Formidable Workforce at Gulf Coast Western Limited

As the president and a chief executive officer of one of the leading oil and exploration companies calls for much attention, skills, and knowledge. Mathew Fleeger has been able to fill this role for some few years now and he has been able to demonstrate skills and expertise in a field that has seen many chief executives lose their jobs. However, Fleeger has not excelled through one of the most common strategic planning decisions in business like you would expect.

The leader of Gulf Coast Western Limited has been using team building skills as a key recipe for the growth of his company. Team building has for a longer period been known as one of the most important leadership skill that helps the company to move forward. It is difficult for an organization to achieve its goals and objectives if its employees are not on the same page. Employees at Gulf Coast Western are always on the same wave length on the operations of the company.

Mathew Fleeger has been able to understand that employees are at the epicenter of the success of any organization around the world. Therefore, they must be consulted on the decision that each company takes so that they can contribute. Most of the workers want to be involved in the decision making because all the strategies that will be undertaken by their employer affects them in one way or another. This explains why Fleeger has been heavily involved in consulting other employees in the decision-making process.

Gulf Coast Western Limited, under the leadership of Mathew Fleeger, has moved from one of the ordinary oil and gas exploration companies in Texas to a leading research and exploration company in the United States. The company has control of a considerable number of exploration firms and is involved in leasing activities.

Louis Chenevert’s Education Was The Stepping Stone To His Career Success

Louis Chenevert is a pure example what happens when you put your talents and skills to good use. He has moved mountains in his career, but also held a high level for respect for everyone involved. His journey started off in another country, where he was born and raised in.

The successful businessman was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Since education was an important factor to starting off his career, Mr. Chenevert went to HEC Montreal where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in production management. This would be a very fitting degree looking forward in his decades long career. Production management is what Louis’s career would be all about. He started off at General Motors in Canada, working 2nd shift as a production manager. It was one of the worst jobs he recalls. His managers and corporate did not listen or respect worker’s input on how to make the company better and more efficient. This had a huge impact on how he looked at business and leadership roles. He vowed to himself to always listen to his employees and team. He vowed to acknowledge, validate, and reward his employees.

From General Motors, Louis Chenevert moved on to Pratt & Whitney. He would work his way up the top to President of the company. He showed how skilled he was at running a business very efficiently, which is turn was very profitable. All the while, Mr. Chenevert did not sacrifice the quality of treatment of employees, their pay, and the local community.

This would not be the highlight of his career though. It would be the next job that Louis would embark on. He was hired to join the team at United Technologies Corporation. This corporation is actually a conglomerate with many companies below it, including Pratt & Whitney. Louis Chenevert once again, worked his way up to chairman, president, then chief executive officer. He revolutionized the company by putting a heavy emphasis on bringing in advanced technology to their aerospace manufacturing business. The result was magnificent and propelled them into becoming a leader in the industry. This is all because of Louis Chenevert’s unwavering commitment to innovation.