The Career and Successful Story of Jana Messerschmidt in the Engineering World

Coding is a crucial concept for every operator. Whoever engages in duties outside the engineering field is hardly conversant with the importance of coding and the interest associating with working with them especially in the case of the Silicon tech firm. But not a thing remains fair with regards to Jana Messerschmidt known as Jana Lightspeed.

Her work with Lightspeed started after a long time of advice and investment with regards to the initial phases of the firm. That adds up to his different duties in different fields including engineering, business development, sales, and marketing with the big profile firms such as Twitter and Netflix. It paved the way to the fame she gained fame under the name Jana Lightspeed.

She is a graduate of computer science from Illinois University. She often involved herself in line with the business aspect of technology. As the vice president of Twitter on Global Business platform and Development, Jana dealt with strategic partnerships, enterprise sales, developer relations, and platform marketing. Before serving at Twitter, she worked with Netflix as a director of Business Development.

The #ANGELS came into place in 2015 with Jana Lightspeed as the co-founder. It is unique, comprehensive, and has a clear definition of its mission in line with getting more women in bridging the space set linked to prosperous startups. It is from that moment that she got the company of visionary and hopeful founders executing bold ideas across such industries as BIRD, EERO, WINNIE, COLOR, CAMEO, and CAMEO.

In addition to being wise, Jana has other duties outside investment because she is passionate about holding events and conversations connected to the common objective of community building, diversification of networks, and the engagement and promotion of women. It is essential to create wealth, and the underrepresented women and minorities contribute to wealth creation alongside reputable organisations.