Academy of Art University Has a Fresh Product Design Program

A good designer is said to come when that designer is able to craft their own personal style. It’s not about copying other people’s work or reworking what has already been done. The way you think about things shows in your work, including if you have an open and fresh perspective that would make a good fit with a lot of major brands out there. When professional Beau Oyler is interviewing prospective designers, he wants to know who they are as an individual and what makes them unique. Like many other hiring managers looking to make deals with designers to represent their brands, he wants to know what sets them apart from all the rest. What new things can they bring to the table that haven’t already been done before?

The background of a designer tells a lot about what they put into their designs and where they gain inspiration. Is what makes a student unique with their designs the way they handle design challenges that come their way? Or is it simply the designer’s personal sense of aesthetics? Beau Oyler, the CEO & principal of the enlisted design program reveals tips to students to give them his own fresh perspective. He started Enlisted Design ten years ago with the idea that the company could bring together a group of actual brand, packaging, and industrial designers to collaborate under one name.

All students are welcome at Academy of Art University, which has had an open door policy for applications from artists and designers around the world for more than 89 years. Their leadership has included the founder Richard S. Stephens as well as his wife, who assisted him, Mrs. Clara Stephens. The current head of the school is Dr. Elisa Stephens, who is the granddaughter of the original founder from 1929.