Improving Brain Function: Neurocore

There is no question that stress has a negative effect on people’s bodies, minds, and immune system. Stress releases hormones into the body, that when aren’t dispersed with physical response, weaken our immune system. This allows things like viruses and pollutants to more easily attack a person’s body. Read more about Neurocore at

There are a number of ways that can help a person’s body fight the stresses in life. Exercise is a great way to do this. It was recently discovered that exercise sends a hydraulic wave through the body which increases blood flow to the brain. Increased blood flow to the brain allows for better cognitive function. But, not only does exercise positively affect the brain, but, also the heart. It has been found that if a person participates in heart-healthy activity, they have less deterioration in the brain.

Another great way to battle the stresses in life is by proper nutrition. It is a common belief that carbohydrates and fats need to be cut out of a diet in order for a person to be “healthy.” This is actually inaccurate; carbohydrates and fats are essential to the bodies everyday functions. Instead, the focus needs to be on getting carbohydrates and fats from the proper sources. Instead of simply looking at the number of fats in the food being consumed, the ingredients need to be looked at to see where those fats are coming from and whether or not they are healthy fats, like mono-saturated fats.


For some people, stress can cause depression. Some people believe that depression is nothing more than feeling sad. However, depression is a real mental illness caused by chemical imbalances in the body. Unfortunately, depression isn’t just something people can get over, they can’t just shake it off and return to normal. For some people, medication helps their depression, however, many medications have less than ideal side effects. Another way to fight depression is by making lifestyle changes and brain training.

Balance is what the brain needs to thrive. At Neurocore Brain Performance Centers they use brain training to teach the brain how to function efficiently. They use drug-free and non-invasive methods to enhance the brains functions. Visit to know more about Neurocore.