Adam Milstein is an Ally in The New War on Anti-Semitism

Throughout the early part of the 20th century Jewish people were the target of countless pogroms and anti-Semitic agendas in a majority of countries around the world. Around the turn of the century, the worst of this was seen in areas of Russia, where mass attacks occurred on Jewish settlements regularly. Of course, the worst of the worst was the Jewish holocaust carried out at the hands of the Nazis during WWII. There were also anti Jew agendas both social and political that were carried out in Latin America and even in north America, including the United States.


After the middle of the century came to pass and the horrors of he Second World War had been laid to history, many Jews began to settle in the United States and in Israel. While life for US Jews is extremely mainstream these days, becoming one of the most affluent subcultures in the country and with claims of anti-Semitism being a rarity among the population, those who live in Israel still find themselves being at odds with hatred and ignorance on a daily basis. They face anti-Semitism from radical Islam, fundamentalist Christian sects who still blame the Jews for the killing of Jesus, and others.


There is now a new war forming on anti-Semitism, however, and one of the main backers of that war is Adam Milstein a man who has Israel in his heart, his mind, and his blood. Adam Milstein is more than just a philanthropist who has numerous successful associations with non-profits all over the world, he is also a man who knows that the true power of the human soul is that it has the ability to overcome anything that it encounters.


Adam Milstein was born and raised in Haifa and graduated from the School of Business at the University of Southern California. He moved to the US full time in 1981 with his wife and growing family and has been instrumental in several charities which work to strengthen U.S.-Israeli relations. He is the head of the Milstein family foundation which is dedicated to a “life path impact” focus with its efforts. The foundation seeks to improve the lives of people in their pursuit of finding the path that is right for them in life. He is considered to be one of the most influential leaders in the non-profit sector and has been touched upon several times by the leadership of both the United States and Canada for his guidance.


Now he has dedicated himself to the fight to stomp out anti-Semitism in Israel, and to bring a renewed sense of peace and purpose to the nation. Adam Milstein is working with several organizations which are leading the way in cross cultural education, outreach, and reconciliation between cultures. Adam Milstein is a man who holds Israel deeply in his heart and still considered it his home. He is a strong ally in the fight to bring about a new era of understanding and cross-cultural peace for the Jewish people in Israel and around the world.