Richard Mishaan Design Sets the Pace for Interior design Work

Richard Mishaan Design is a famous interior design company in the world. It has been in existence for 25 years. It is named after its founder Richard Mishaan. Being a leader in Architectural and Interior design work, Richard Mishaan Design which is located in New York receives a lot of work requests from all over the world. He is known for creating unique and exquisite interior designs which are joined with vintage pieces. His work has been featured in design publications such as; Architectural Digest and Elle Décor. This just proves the recognition he has gained through his firm Richard Mishaan Design. He is obviously the go-to guy in matters interior design.


One element of Richard Mishaan Design is the originality and the beautiful touch of his work. The experience he has gained through the 25 years of practice puts him on a pedestal on matters interior design and makes Richard Mishaan Design company a very good choice when looking for unique and elegant interior designs. Richard Mishaan gives quality furnishings, authentic and colorful artworks. Mishaan has a unique way of blending colors and making them bold in a way that is very impressive. His instinctive way of choosing colors is out of this world. He is that type of designer who produces both luxurious and quality work.


Richard Mishaan who was born in Columbia draws his style of work from the environment he grew up in, the colorful towns of Colombia. In 1978, Richard Mishaan moved to New York where he joined the New York University for Bachelor of Arts. He also studied architecture at the University of Columbia. His first job was at the Philip Johnson’s Offices, where he got experience in architecture and interior design. Richard Mishaan Design is associated with interior design work at the Trump World Towers and Shelbourne Hotel.