OSI Industries Awards

OSI Industries is the biggest food processing plant in the world. It is currently operating in 17 countries and has 65 plants. The firm has a long history since it was established in 1909. For a company to survive over one hundred years and be doing very well is something commendable. The company was established as a butcher shop, but over the years it has grown to be a multi-billion dollar business which is ranked among the largest private companies in the United States. The company is headed by Chief Operating Officer Sheldon Lavin and President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald.

Various organizations have recognized the work being done by Sheldon Lavin at OSI Industries. Since Sheldon Lavin took up the position of leadership in the firm, it has been good results back to back. The company has therefore grown rapidly and achieved even more than was expected. In recognition of the great contributions it has created in the food industry, it has received a number of awards. The British Safety Council recently awarded OSI Food Solutions UK the International Safety Award. This is an award that is given to organizations which have shown commitment to maintaining high healthy standards as well as safety management in the workplace.

The 2017 award was not the first one that OSI Food Solutions UK has won; this was the 11th award since 2006.Between 2013 and 2016, OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded the Globe Honor Award by the British Safety Council for showing capabilities to put in place environmental management measures. In 2015, OSI Food Solutions UK was recognized with the Sword Honor. OSI Industries has been beneficiary of many other awards in different countries where it has opened business operations.

OSI Industries under the management of Sheldon Lavin has been expanding the operations of the company to various locations all over the world. One of the business models that the management is using to spread the business operations is – acquisition. Since 2016, the firm has invested heavily in other companies. It has acquired Baho Food and flagship Europe as parts of its Europe takeover. Flagship Europe was later renamed Creative Foods Europe. The firm also acquired a former plant located in Chicago that was previously owned by Tyson Foods. Lastly, the company expanded OSI Food Solutions in Spain. The expansion was meant to increase the production of chicken products which are in high demand in Spain and Portugal.

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