Doe Deere And Lime Crime Bringing Modern Makeup To The Masses

Makeup trends will always come and go, and the fashion runways often play a key role in what’s hot for the season.


There are societal views of cosmetics, however, that have kept women in their place for decades, making them afraid to experiment with boldness and bizarreness or hesitant to feel empowered by their unique beauty.


The major beauty company players seemed to give women one beige palette to play with or a mild set of shadows or lipsticks that were appropriate only for daytime or party events.


That’s why Doe Deere launched her successful e-commerce makeup brand called “Lime Crime” in 2008. In an interview with, the Russian native talked about breaking beauty barriers and developing a beauty company that allows women and men to choose vibrant makeup palettes that scream “Look at me!”


Lime Crime makeup has a fantasy edge, a modern appeal with a bad-girl attitude in a world of unicorns. CEO and founder Doe Deere believes that cosmetics should be fun, expressive, playful and sexy and whatever the person wants to create when they apply her strong and radically-colored palettes.


When she debuted Lime Crime, Doe Deere wasn’t sure it would take off so swiftly, but the brand clicked, and young faces fell hard for the Velvetines lipsticks and Venus eyeshadow palettes.


Doe Deere credits her incredible brand building on e-commerce to her knowledge of everything computers, online shopping, social media and her audience. She believes you have to know exactly what your brand is about and who your target is. Doe Deere knows that the giant makeup companies will always have a presence and a force, but little Lime Crime, an independent company, has taken the world of cosmetics by storm.


First, Lime Crime is highly regarded as a vegan and cruelty-free makeup label. Doe Deere isn’t kidding around because both PETA and the Leaping Bunny are strict about handing out certifications, and Lime Crime always passes the test with flying colors.


It matters to Doe Deere, her brand’s image and the staff who work around her that her company holds animals and their treatment to the strictest ideals.


Another important asset of Lime Crime’s makeup designs comes from collaborating with the ideal laboratory experts. Doe Deere tells that choosing a group of chemists that shares her brand-vision is absolutely essential.


She is hands-on with her cosmetics and wears the brand daily, so Doe Deere’s input matters. The chemists understand what she demands in materials, colors and textures for the brand’s overall profile.


Lime Crime makeup features pretty glitter, iridescence, diamond-like crystals and outrageous colors like blue, green, gold metallic, plum, orange and mushroom-brown lipsticks.


Doe Deere has even introduced an M$LF Velvetines Set with shades like blush/gold shift, cotton candy/champagne shift and extreme rose gold. The elegant lip toppers can create a variety of glamorous looks; let your creativity be your guide.


Lime Crime is based in Los Angeles. You can find the beauty brand here.