Meet Steve Lesnard, a Celebrated Global Brand Leader and Consultant

Steve Lesnard is a well-established global brand leader and consultant. He is one of the most popular enthusiasts of digital marketing through social mediums. As a consultant, Steve has dramatically influenced how companies launch new products in the market. He believes that digital and social mediums are the most productive ways to promote products in the global market.

For over two decades, Steve has been actively involved and led first-class worldwide marketing campaigns, launched leading brands, and established notable strategic business partnerships across the globe.

Throughout his career, the renowned brand consultant has worked in a variety of industries. Most notably, he has commercially launched and popularized leading products across sports, lifestyle, and technology products for leading global manufacturers. As a sports enthusiast, Steve Lesnard has had an impressive career as a brand executive, especially in the field of athletics.

Steve Lesnard began his career in 1997, after graduating from Babson College with a Masters of Business and Entrepreneurship. Immediately after college, he secured employment with Nike, a leading sports gear manufacturer in the world. At first, he worked as the company’s Global Sports Marketing and Footwear Project Manager. His first primary task involved signing and servicing the snowboard teams in the United States and Canada during the Winter Olympics of 1998. He is remembered for signing the first two athletes to win gold medals in snowboarding.

Later on, he was appointed as the Nike’s Global Sports Marketing & Footwear Product Manager-Outdoor Games. He also acted as the Regional Brand Manager for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Steve was also in charge of Women and Cross, where he is remembered for rejuvenating the women’s retail sports experience. Partnering with like-minded celebrities like Madonna, Rihanna, and Jamie King, Steve Lesnard inspired many women to engage in sports.

In his final years at Nike, Steve Lesnard served as the company’s Vice President Brand Management for Western Europe Running Division, and then the Vice President and General Manager in North America Running Division. He transformed the brand’s Running Division into one of the most robust divisions of the company. During his tenure, he pioneered the mobile-first strategy and established partnerships with Apple. He found a robust online community for Nike with more than 7 million members.