Richard Mishaan Design Sets the Pace for Interior design Work

Richard Mishaan Design is a famous interior design company in the world. It has been in existence for 25 years. It is named after its founder Richard Mishaan. Being a leader in Architectural and Interior design work, Richard Mishaan Design which is located in New York receives a lot of work requests from all over the world. He is known for creating unique and exquisite interior designs which are joined with vintage pieces. His work has been featured in design publications such as; Architectural Digest and Elle Décor. This just proves the recognition he has gained through his firm Richard Mishaan Design. He is obviously the go-to guy in matters interior design.


One element of Richard Mishaan Design is the originality and the beautiful touch of his work. The experience he has gained through the 25 years of practice puts him on a pedestal on matters interior design and makes Richard Mishaan Design company a very good choice when looking for unique and elegant interior designs. Richard Mishaan gives quality furnishings, authentic and colorful artworks. Mishaan has a unique way of blending colors and making them bold in a way that is very impressive. His instinctive way of choosing colors is out of this world. He is that type of designer who produces both luxurious and quality work.


Richard Mishaan who was born in Columbia draws his style of work from the environment he grew up in, the colorful towns of Colombia. In 1978, Richard Mishaan moved to New York where he joined the New York University for Bachelor of Arts. He also studied architecture at the University of Columbia. His first job was at the Philip Johnson’s Offices, where he got experience in architecture and interior design. Richard Mishaan Design is associated with interior design work at the Trump World Towers and Shelbourne Hotel.

Adam Milstein: Supporting Memes for a Cause

Starting this Friday at 6 AM the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation will start taking pro-Israel memes as part of the competition they started for the benefit of Israel. The foundation is giving thousands of meme creators to display their talent for the Israeli cause and a chance to win a cash prize along with it. Memes have become culturally an important theme for millions of younger generation people. The memes are based on the image macro format which includes hashtags, videos, pictures that end going viral on social media.

Adam Milstein the creator of this campaign believes it will be a fun and humorous way for people to show their support for Israel. The panel of judges are experts in the art of meme creation and many of the contestants are college and high school age. Each competitor who enters the competition will have a chance to submit as many as five memes. The voting process to find the best ones will be done in a public process based on reactions on Facebook. This process will start on 3rd of August at 5 AM Eastern Standard Time and will end on Aug 14th at midnight. Cash prizes will be given to one first place winner, two second place winners, five third place winners and 10 runner ups.

Adam Milstein is a managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties and he is in charge of the companies financing, property management, and disposition. He is a native Israeli who has served in the Israeli military and is also a veteran of the Yom Kippur War. He got his undergraduate degree from Technion University in 1978 and an MBA from the University of Southern California in 1981.

Mr. Milstein is considered as a community leader and has been an active philanthropist for Israeli causes. He along with his wife Gila, set up the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation for this purpose. And they support many organizations through this foundation that help Israel and its people.



Adam Milstein is an Ally in The New War on Anti-Semitism

Throughout the early part of the 20th century Jewish people were the target of countless pogroms and anti-Semitic agendas in a majority of countries around the world. Around the turn of the century, the worst of this was seen in areas of Russia, where mass attacks occurred on Jewish settlements regularly. Of course, the worst of the worst was the Jewish holocaust carried out at the hands of the Nazis during WWII. There were also anti Jew agendas both social and political that were carried out in Latin America and even in north America, including the United States.


After the middle of the century came to pass and the horrors of he Second World War had been laid to history, many Jews began to settle in the United States and in Israel. While life for US Jews is extremely mainstream these days, becoming one of the most affluent subcultures in the country and with claims of anti-Semitism being a rarity among the population, those who live in Israel still find themselves being at odds with hatred and ignorance on a daily basis. They face anti-Semitism from radical Islam, fundamentalist Christian sects who still blame the Jews for the killing of Jesus, and others.


There is now a new war forming on anti-Semitism, however, and one of the main backers of that war is Adam Milstein a man who has Israel in his heart, his mind, and his blood. Adam Milstein is more than just a philanthropist who has numerous successful associations with non-profits all over the world, he is also a man who knows that the true power of the human soul is that it has the ability to overcome anything that it encounters.


Adam Milstein was born and raised in Haifa and graduated from the School of Business at the University of Southern California. He moved to the US full time in 1981 with his wife and growing family and has been instrumental in several charities which work to strengthen U.S.-Israeli relations. He is the head of the Milstein family foundation which is dedicated to a “life path impact” focus with its efforts. The foundation seeks to improve the lives of people in their pursuit of finding the path that is right for them in life. He is considered to be one of the most influential leaders in the non-profit sector and has been touched upon several times by the leadership of both the United States and Canada for his guidance.


Now he has dedicated himself to the fight to stomp out anti-Semitism in Israel, and to bring a renewed sense of peace and purpose to the nation. Adam Milstein is working with several organizations which are leading the way in cross cultural education, outreach, and reconciliation between cultures. Adam Milstein is a man who holds Israel deeply in his heart and still considered it his home. He is a strong ally in the fight to bring about a new era of understanding and cross-cultural peace for the Jewish people in Israel and around the world.


Doe Deere Uses Lime Crime To Start Her Beauty Routine Daily

When it comes to looking good, most people have a routine that they follow closely every morning and evening. One of those people who knows the art of morning beauty is Doe Deere. The founder for Lime Crime starts her day every morning in the same way.

Doe wakes every morning at the same time without the use of her alarm. She makes sure to get 9 hours of sleep each night and swears by that number- at least for herself that is. Waking up every morning without an alarm clock helps to keep her schedule flowing. By drinking a glass full of water each morning, you are ensuring that you are keeping well hydrated.

Using stretches is important for keeping yourself in balance and in shape. If you suffer from back problems or need to have a stretch that helps to release tightened areas in your back, the cat and camel pose is what she uses to get loose. After stretching, breakfast is important.

Staying on top of your business is vital for keeping a business running smoothly. Doe Deere knows this and uses a company chat internal program to keep in touch with her workers before arriving at the office each morning. Using Instagram is also another favorite by Doe Deere.

Keeping up with current trends is how Lime Crime keeps at the top of its game. You have to be able to create new ideas and come up with new products and staying free from social media, emails and digital products before the afternoon is how Doe Deere is able to keep her business booming.

While applying her morning makeup during her beauty routine, Doe makes sure to jam to her favorite music choices. Staying true to how she was raised, Doe takes pride in jamming to the Beatles while getting ready every morning.

The Glossier face wash is the number one item that Doe Deere uses to keep looking fresh every day. The wash is very mild for the skin and is scented to roses. Starting the day with a moisturizer is going to make sure that your face does not dry out. The Murad Hydrodynamic essence is her go to moisturizer. Using the L’Oreal True Match Foundation is what Doe Deere uses to apply a base to her makeup.

Doe Deere is currently working on her own foundation line which she hopes to release soon. Before she goes any further on her beauty routine, Doe starts by applying a powder finish to her face before she goes on to fill in her eyebrows. Next she moves on to her lips and cheeks. She is quoted as saying that blush and lipstick are the most favorite makeup choices she uses daily. By using a red or pink colored blush, she can then add a bold pink or red lip.

When asked what are her favorite choices by Lime Crime, Doe Deere tells the Red Velvet, Rustic and Pink Velvet are the ones that she enjoys the best. She tells everyone that her makeup beauty routine takes 15 minutes up to an hour depending on if she wants to rush through it in the morning or if she has time to get ready.

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