Why The Life of Dick DeVos is an Example to Follow

Dick DeVos is considered one of the wealthier people in his age. However, this is not the reason that his life is an example that should be considered. There are a lot of things that he has done right in his life. This is one of the reasons that some people are looking at his life in order to see what he has and how they can also gain something similar. One thing that can be said is that Dick DeVos is the type of man that others would want to emulate. The following aspects of his life is what is worth looking at.


One of the reasons that Dick DeVos is such a success is that he is not an employee. He is actually an entrepreneur. One of the reasons that this is so important is that the employee is often at the mercy of his job. Another thing to consider is that the employee does not have any job security. This is a hard truth that the employee often finds out in the worst way. Dick DeVos on the other hand owns businesses and franchises. Therefore, he is able to provide a comfortable life for himself and those he cares about.


Another example that is worth following is that Dick DeVos is a caring person. He displays this in his family and to people in his community. He is often involved in funding schools. Among the schools that he funds are faith-based organizations. This gives children a chance to build some meaningful principles as well as skills that can be used to support themselves. He also has some skills that have classes for skills that can be used. Dick DeVos is also involved in the school choice initiative that allows children to go to better schools.


Dick DeVos is able to succeed as much as he had with the help of his father. His father has started a business when Dick DeVos was a child. Dick would eventually take over the business known as Amway and make the needed changes for the market. Outside of work, Dick DeVos is a loving father and husband. He and his wife, Betsy run a nonprofit organization where they collect charitable donations so that they can fund different schools. They are also highly involved in their communities. They are doing everything they can with the educational system in order to help children gain the needed skills for rebuilding the community.


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